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Key point

Bitcoin is more accurate to compare with money than with an electronic payment system. Transaction fees are set by users independently, regardless of the number of miners, and the minimum commission is determined by the network load. The possibility of increasing the commission is given to users who want to quickly confirm the transaction.


The importance of crypto regulation

Just as in the traditional securities market, there is a problem of market manipulation in the cryptocurrency market. In general, it is the deliberate creation of a false price for a product, asset, or currency. Minimal regulation of cryptocurrency exchanges linking money and cryptocurrency leads to loss of funds of investors as a result of manipulation. Unlike traditional stock or commodity exchanges, there are many cases, Some cryptocurrency exchanges are registered in independent jurisdictions and may not adhere to user identification requirements. They can even operate without a legal entity. In the absence of regulatory oversight, these global exchanges facilitate money-laundering schemes and the movement of money across national borders without much control.